The World of Firma


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The Firma Series:

The Chronicles of Firma

Orphan's Quest (June 2007)

Scion's Blood (November 2007)

Numen's Trust (December 2013)


Climate on Firma: 

The climate on Firma is moderate in most places, with long summers and mild winters. The exception to this is the Northern Expanse, in which there is snow and cold year round.  


Magic on Firma is organic. Raw magical energy is located in deposits, called articulations, deep in the ground. Magical creatures also have varying degrees of magical energy within them. With training, magical beings can tap into the raw articulations to bolster their powers. Non-magical beings, like humans, cannot do magic on their own. They must employ the help of creatures called ethereals. There are two types of ethereals that work with non-magicals: spirits and demons. Spirits are not as powerful, but they are more benevolent and less demanding. Demons possess more powerful magic, but they tend to share it at a very high price. Amongst humans, Sorcerers practice magic with the aid of spirits and Necromancers with the aid of Demons.

Races of Firma & Their Place in the Magical Hierarchy:

The word 'race' in The Chronicles of Firma series actually refers to the different species of intelligent creatures who inhabit the land. To describe people of different backgrounds and skin colors, the word 'ancestry' is used.

IME refers to Intrinsic Magical Energy. The IME scale is simply a device to compare the amount of Intrinsic Magical Energy among the races.

    Non-Magical Races:

  • Humans - humans are the most predominant race currently on Firma.

  • Trolls - huge creatures that look somewhat like a cross between a human and a rhinoceros.

  • Giants - Giants closely resemble humans, but an average giant is one and a half times the size of an average human.

  • Saebrilites - Technically, Saebrilites are not a separate race. They are humans who grow to nearly the size of Giants.

  • Harpies - Harpies are part human, part bird. They are foul creatures who normally steer clear of humans, unless they are pestering or terrorizing them.


  • Goblins - Goblins are kind of a human-bat hybrid. They can morph from a mostly bat-like creature to a somewhat more human form. They are incredibly strong, and their bites are poisonous. They tend to be antagonistic toward humans. Goblins are magical, scoring a two on the IME scale.

  • Nogirraalans - Shape shifters who can assume either human or firecat form. They are magical, rating a two on the IME scale.

  • Alahgeerie - Shape shifters who can assume either human or deer form. They are magical, rating a two on the IME scale.

  • Bronze Dragons - The only species of dragon left on Firma, they are intelligent creatures who communicate through telepathy. Dragons are magical, scoring a one on the IME scale.

  • Yokai - Yokai are a race of miniature humanoids. Aside from their size, the biggest difference between them and humans is their grey, leathery skin. Yokai are magical, rating a three on the IME scale.

  • Elves - elves are similar in appearance to humans except they tend to slightly taller and thinner. Other features which differentiate elves from humans are their pale yellow pallor and ears that taper to a point. Elves are magical, rating a four on the IME scale.

  • Faerie - tiny winged humanoid creatures. Their pallor can be most any color. Faeries, also known as the sidhe, are highly magical, rating a six on the IME scale.


  • Spirits - Spirits are part of a classification called ethereals. They have no physical form, though they are capable of borrowing forms temporarily. Spirits live in No-When and tend to be benevolent and helpful to humans. They score a seven on the IME scale.
  • Demons - Demons are part of a classification called ethereals. They have no physical form, though they are capable of borrowing forms temporarily. Demons live in No-When and can be helpful to humans, but usually at a very high price. They score a seven on the IME scale.
  • Thryzpiks - Thryzpiks are described in Scion's Blood as having "the body and tail of a huge firecat, only without the stripes ...topped with the head of a great-horned stag. From its back, an enormous set of wings extended, covered in thousands upon thousands of delicate, pristine feathers. Rokey had never seen the like of them on any type of bird before. Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all about the beast though, was its color - from antler top to tail tip, an almost unimaginably brilliant shade of white". They also live in No-When and are friendly to people if treated well. Thryzpiks score a seven on the IME scale.


  • Gods are without inherent form, but can take on any form they wish. They are all-powerful and work principally for their own interests. They score a ten on the IME scale.

Core Magic: Beneath the ground of Firma (see Magic section above).


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